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Can you imagine not being treated like a criminal for the simple fact of smoking cannabis? A fair relationship between producer and consumer? Having cannabis for your personal use all year round and at a fair price? A Cannabis Social Club is an initiative that is expanding throughout the Spanish state that is protected by the right to register associations to provide a solution to questions like these. 

If you want to be able to consume in a calm way and on the basis of these hypothetical questions, don't even think about it: become a member of a good Cannabis Social Club (CSC) such as The Cube BCN

Since their emergence, CSCs have contributed to a large part of the population that previously contributed to the black market. stop financing it. In addition, the emergence of these clubs or 'associations' has helped their users to know the quality and origin of what they consume. All without infringing the current laws of the state and the city of Barcelona. What do you think?

Benefits of being a member of a Cannabis Social Club

Of course, there are many benefits provided by CSCs for society. If you're wondering how they can benefit you, don't worry, we'll tell you!

1.- You will be able to supply yourself with cannabis for both therapeutic and social purposes. This is especially interesting if it is the first time you consume marijuana, since the respective specialists working in the club (such as our team) will be able to advise you about its consumption and its therapeutic benefits. 

2.- You will have the guarantee of being able to to consume quality cannabis throughout the year, At a fair price and with a regular supply. Why? It's simple: when you first get access to a CSC like ours, you will be asked to fill in a form with your data and your approximate consumption of cannabis. Everything, to have a control of our production and to be able to supply us more or less of the necessary strains. You will have legal protection. All the clubs have the legal counseling necessary so that you can consume cannabis in our space in a quiet way and without breaking the current laws.

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