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Why is it that in certain parts of the world consumes marijuana with tobacco and in others this practice is considered an aberration? The truth is that many cannabis users do not want to do it for an extensive number of reasons, ranging from the (scientific) assumption that tobacco is a harmful and addictive substance that changes the taste, smell and even the effect of THC. 

Be that as it may, in the article we present today we will analyze this phenomenon and provide alternatives for those who want to kick the habit of mixing tobacco with cannabis. 

While in the United States, Canada and South America the practice of mixing cannabis and tobacco is practically non-existent, in Europe it is considered commonplace. But... Why? 

The long debate: yes or no to tobacco?

While on the one hand the harmful effects of tobacco are widely known, cannabis and its use (taking into account its benefits and risks), on the other hand, was, until today, a great unknown. Thus, there is a current of thought in the world that states that marijuana smoke is well tolerated by the bodyWhile tobacco smoke causes all kinds of cancers: lung, colon and rectum, among others. Is this statement true? We say: partially. 

As with everything in life, the answer lies with the consumption of the same. Yes, there are many studies that highlight that pure cannabis smoke does not cause lung cancer, but, on the other hand, it has been proven that this same smoke can damage the bronchioles of the lung. Of course, as we have seen, the damage is not at all comparable to tobacco, but it is still visible. 

On the other hand, we want to emphasize that, up to the line, we have talked purely about the consumption of these substances by smoking. As we have commented in previous articles, many are the benefits of cannabis for the organism. Thus, from Cube BCN we urge regular consumers to (also) consider alternative methods of consumption. 

Benefits and disadvantages of smoking marijuana with (or without) tobacco

Perhaps, the key to the consumption of marijuana together with tobacco can be found going back in time: in Europe, for a long time, hashish was the main product (not flowers). Then, there was a drawback: to smoke pure hashish you needed a special pipe, but not if you mixed it with tobacco. Now that we know what is the main cause of this consumption, let's look at its pros and cons:

The benefits of mixing tobacco with marijuana

1. Marijuana lasts longer and the flavor is intensified.

These are two of the most obvious benefits. Logically, with respect to quantities, it is obvious that if the same amount of marijuana is used to be smoked with tobacco or not, it will last longer in the first option. Why? The The purest joints contain a minimum of one gramwhich, for smokers accustomed to mixing with tobacco, is a waste of money. 

On the other hand, and in reference to the flavor, if you are a regular tobacco smoker, you will notice an intensity incomparable to pure cannabis. 

2. The effects of marijuana are altered.

We know well that nicotine and tobacco have brain effects in themselves, but what happens when they are combined with cannabis? It seems that the effects of nicotine potentiate the effects of marijuana, presenting a more "opaque" high that gives a sensation where it is identified. 

The use of pure cannabis

1. You can enjoy the authentic taste of marijuana.

If you are a lover of purity and authentic flavors, this is definitely your choice. The smell and taste of cannabis are one of the most relevant aspects of the experience of consuming it, that is why, when smoking pure marijuana, you get a whole aromatic experience. 

2. More natural and less chance of addiction

Many of us are aware of the various benefits of controlled cannabis use for the human body. And we are also well aware of how nicotine can negatively affect the human body. 

In addition, some studies support the empirical theory that an important increased risk of dependence for those who mix marijuana with tobacco. 

3. Smoking marijuana is not highly harmful to health and has no direct effects on the human body.

Those who want to enjoy the pure smell and taste of cannabis do so, for the most part, by consuming it unmixed. It is clear that the experience of pure marijuana is different from the experience of mixed weed, not only in essence, but also in effects and "high": when smoked pure it is much clearer. 

On the other hand, and focusing on health and the direct effects that consumption has on the body, tobacco smokers tend to emphasize that their sense of smell and taste is mediocre, while their sense of smell and taste is poor. marijuana increases taste and smell sensitivity

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