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Like us, I'm sure many of you are in the weeks leading up to harvesting your cannabis plants, right? But wait, because it's not all over once we cut the plant, quite the opposite.

The drying and curing of the plant plays a fundamental role in the final quality of our buds. That's why today we bring you all the best tips on how to dry and cure cannabis.

Differences between drying and curing cannabis

While both processes consist of removing moisture from the bud, there are key differences between these two procedures.

Drying is done as soon as we harvest our plant and as its name indicates, it consists of drying the buds, generally hanging the branches so that they lose humidity.

On the other hand, the curing process of marijuana consists of storing it for at least two weeks in closed jars. During this time, in addition to losing moisture, the buds also lose part of their chlorophyll (so your marijuana will have better flavor and aroma), and gives rise to maturation reactions of cannabinoids, oils and terpenes.

There are several reasons why these processes are vitally important. Proper drying and curing greatly extends the life of our buds, prevents mold from growing on our buds, makes them easier to smoke and gives them flavor and aroma.

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Before starting the drying process, from Cannabis Association CUBE BCN we recommend cutting the leaves of our buds, or "trimming" them, as it will encourage drying. Trimming can also be done after drying and before curing, but we run the risk of the buds losing resin during the process when they are shaken or moved.

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Jar with cannabis buds in cannabis association,


It is important to do the drying in a dark space, with good air circulation and if possible a relative humidity around 45 to 55%. If the humidity is too high, the buds dry too much and the light degrades the THC in the cannabis, so it is important to avoid it.

An economical method that works very well is to hang the whole branches upside down inside a closet or the manicured buds inside cardboard boxes (for example, shoe boxes ;). You can also hang the buds in racks. The important thing is that all parts of your buds have contact with the air.

A fan will help increase airflow and create a light breeze. However, make sure the fan is not pointed directly at the plants. You can also use dehumidifiers and humidifiers to keep humidity at the optimum level.

Proper drying usually takes between 7 to 12 days, but can vary depending on several factors. A trick to know if your buds are ready is to try bending a branch. If it breaks, it means that your buds are ready to be cured.


Once the buds are dry and manicured, we can move on to the curing phase. For this we are going to put them in large jars with wide mouths. When filling them leave a space where air enters, and in this way avoid that fungi are produced in our buds. Then place the jars in a dry and dark environment, and be sure to check them every day, opening the jars to give them air.

Curing time can vary and longer curing times will result in a milder, more flavorful product. In some cases, curing may take six to eight weeks for the sprouts to reach their optimum potency, but generally two weeks of curing is sufficient.

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